Client Reviews

Candice is an outstanding photographer who captures the best of both parents and children.  Some of my favourite photos over the years have been the candid shots she’s captured and we prefer more of that type of photo session.  The only problem we have ever encountered is trying to choose our favourites because there are just so many amazing shots!  Candice is a wonderful photographer that we could recommend to anyone. She makes everyone feel so comfortable in front of the camera. She’s such a relaxed, artistic and energetic photographer who goes above and beyond to get the perfectly unique shot.” 
- Patricia W.

Our sessions with Candice are always great. I think sometimes there is a nervousness about getting unposed photos taken and whether or not the photographer will capture that special moment. She documented of our family golfing.  It wasn’t about posing on the golf course, but rather enjoying 9 holes of golf as a family and Candice capturing those special moments. The photos truly represent our passion for the game and our love as a family. Her work is inspiring and I can’t wait until our next documentary session!” 
-Melissa L.

instead of with an awkward smile when told to say cheese. We were concerned that we wouldn’t know what to do to get good pictures without being posed, but Candice is super chill and makes it easy to just be yourself. Our favourite part was getting all the awesome pictures back after all the anticipation from a few sneak peeks!!.” 
-Hali T.

I bought a photo session as a gift for my husband, and I was worried that he would feel uncomfortable or awkward having someone photograph him without any direction from the photographer. The exact opposite happened!  The result was natural, comfortable snapshots of how we interact with each other in our daily lives. No forced smiles or funny poses. Nothing felt forced, it was just us having fun! Candice captures the ordinary, everyday moments, and makes them extraordinary. We did something we do often, without thinking about it, and we now get to have those moments up on our wall to cherish forever; a glimpse into how our daily lives look right now.”
-Sune W.

"We loved watching how natural the kids were when getting their picture taken as their true selves... 

“For the past 5 years we have been using Candice as our family photographer. 

But the results were BETTER than that! My husband and I couldn’t choose which ones to put up as there were so many high quality photos of my family with genuine happiness and excitement on their faces doing the activities they love most. I think it’s so neat that Candice becomes part of your family for a short time and really captures each family member – she’s absolutely amazing with kids! My favourite part about these sessions is hands down the raw emotion of my children. My daughter’s newborn session almost froze a moment in time which I swore I would never forgot. Now looking back it’s a bit blurry, but the photos bring me instantly back to “a day at home” with the now complete family. Life is so fast but to document a certain event or time or special place with loved ones will forever mean so much to me. My family loves to do these types of sessions as there is no pressure for the “perfect smile” or pose and we get to choose the place and activity which is meaningful to us. Candice acts as an extended family member bonding with each person and has great advice along the way!”
-Kathryn G.

“My biggest concern before trying a documentary approach photography session was that we wouldn’t get enough high quality photos of my family that I felt could be “framed” and displayed. I was nervous that we wouldn’t be able to capture the whole family (posed). 

My favourite part of our session was hat there were no posed pictures. I loved that we just did what we do and she was just there to capture us as we are. Our session was easy and without stress. I absolutely love the idea of capturing life through a documentary session!”
-Heather S.

"My family is going through some tough times, so I was a bit worried that the camera might capture that.  But Candice captured the best parts of us and that fills my heart! 

"Candice made us feel so comfortable, as if we were just hanging out; we almost forgot that she was there taking pictures!

"Candice’s photographs not only capture the moment but capture the story. 


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