Cecilia Birth Film & Photos – June 2020 | Drayton Valley Birth Photographer

The atmosphere of an in-home birth is something really hard to describe. Witnessing an amazing mama bringing her child into the world with the support team she specifically chose for that day is nothing short of magical. I was beyond thrilled and honored when Jessica and Kevin contacted me regarding a birth film for her delivery, and couldn’t be happier with how this session turned out. There were so many factors at play that could have prevented this session from coming together, from the possibility of this family moving away, to the chance of someone developing COVID-19 symptoms. Thankfully everything went the way we hoped and we were able to make this session work out the way we all wanted. Have a watch and see how Jessica laboured like a champ, introduced Cecilia to the rest of her family, and then spent some time just soaking in the goodness that is a brand new baby.

I love to imagine Cecilia looking through these photos and watching this film years down the road and seeing the journey her mom went through during her arrival earth-side. Creating this film was truly one of the greatest joys of my filmmaking career so far. If you love this adorable family and want to see more, click here to check out our first session together celebrating some special birthdays. And if you’re considering a family film of any kind, birth or otherwise, as a gift to your children and yourself, get in touch with me and let’s chat!



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Cecilia Birth Film & Photos – June 2020 | Drayton Valley Birth Photographer

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