Mackinnon Family Film – May 2019 | Drayton Valley Photographer & Family Filmmaker

Ahhh, this winter weather that has appeared all of a sudden here in Drayton Valley already has me longing for warm summer days!  It’s also got me holed up in my house because I hate the cold, which in turn means you all get to see more blog posts.  Yay!  I’m a super sporadic blogger; I know it’s great for business but I just seem to go in spurts where I blog blog blog and then it’s crickets for months over here.  Which is totally my bad, I get that, but I have yet to find a system that works for me to blog consistently.  However, that means I have MONTHS of content I can share with you, so hopefully I’ll be a good girl and get lots of these family films posted for you guys in the next little while!

To say this family is busy is a total understatement.  At the time of our film, they had three kids aged 3, 2, and 1.  Let that sink in for a minute.  Mom is a total sweetheart who wanted to have a keepsake of how crazy and action-packed their family is during this season of life.  During our film and photos, we spent some time together mid-day and got in some snacks, playing in the basement, a family walk, and some story time, among other activities.  Watch the video and scroll through the photos to see a snapshot of life with three very young children, and how I help you find the beautiful moments no matter how busy your daily life is right now.

I’ve been pondering a lot lately about the idea of seasons, and I kind of love thinking of life that way.  If life is tricky or difficult at the moment, it’s helpful to think that it won’t last forever and that things will be different in even a few months time.  And when life is going really well, the idea of seasons helps you appreciate the good things happening at that moment.  Like this morning, when ALL THREE OF MY KIDS voluntarily just up and shoveled the driveway before school all on their own…whaaa??  I’d be okay if the season of my kids doing chores without being asked lasted forever.  But that’s seriously unlikely, so I’ll enjoy this season while it lasts.  If you want to soak in the season of life you’re in right now and would love to have a keepsake to remember it with, get in touch with me and let’s make that happen!



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Mackinnon Family Film – May 2019 | Drayton Valley Photographer & Family Filmmaker

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