Kirstyn & Mark Maternity Session – Feb 14, 2019 | Drayton Valley Photographer

This cutest lil’ couple ever met up with me at their place for a session to commemorate Kirstyn’s growing bump.
We hung out in the nursery, where I learned that Mark had actually built the crib (!) for their future peanut himself.   I mean seriously, that’s talent.  Later we played with the dog, had a snack, and hung out on the couch while the future Miss L was kicking away in mama’s belly.  It just happened to be Valentine’s Day, so some cards and flowers made an appearance.  We even headed over to a coffee shop and they got to have a little V-day date during our photos (confession: that was my second time at Starbucks that day…I have an addiction).  I thought it was pretty funny that Kirstyn ordered a frozen coffee drink in the middle of winter; but when you’re pregnant and ready to pop, you run hot!
After their date we attempted to explore the legislature grounds in Edmonton, but it was freaking FREEZING that day, so it was definitely more of a brisk walk than a leisurely stroll. Poor Mark didn’t have gloves and ended up having to borrow some cute mittens from his wife. Even with gloves and mittens, we didn’t last long out there. We were absolutely frozen when we got back to the truck…should have saved the coffee date for after our walk.  Kirstyn would have maybe even ordered a hot drink if we had done that 😉

This beautiful mama has since given birth to the most adorable little girl, and from what I hear she’s a calm and sweet little newborn. Not surprising coming from a couple that was super relaxed and fun during our session. Their going to make amazing parents.

If you’re a future (or current!) parent and you’re looking for a way to remember this fleeting season of your life, get in touch with me today! I know there are some pregnant mamas out there groaning at that word, because when you’re nearing the end it sure don’t feel fleeting! But trust me, it won’t seem nearly as long when you look back on it. I can help you remember the beachball-in-your-belly stage of your life, while still keeping it real, through my family photos and keepsake films. It’s one of my most favourite things to do, so contact me today for more info.

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Kirstyn & Mark Maternity Session – Feb 14, 2019 | Drayton Valley Photographer

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