Pylatuk Family Photos and Mini-Film – January 27, 2019 | Drayton Valley Family Filmmaker

I’m over the moon in love with this sweet little family.  They contacted me about a session to document some family time with their little boys.  Their birthdays are within two weeks of each other, and with the youngest turning one and the oldest turning three, it was a special time that they wanted photos of.  We arranged a photo session, and shortly after we had it all worked out I started offering family films.  I sent them a quick message to see if they were interested a film at all, and we decided last minute to add a mini-film — I think it was literally the day before our session!

Mini-films capture a few brief moments of our time together.  They usually last anywhere form 45-60 seconds, and they’re a great option if you’re wanting to dip your toe into the family film world, but your not ready to commit to a full-length family film (you can check out a full-length film here).   They’re more economical than a full length film, and are still set to fully-licensed music.  If you’re primarily wanting photos, but you want a little video too, a mini-film is a great option.

My favourite part of this film is the baby nursing with mama in the rocking chair, right next door to dad playing hockey with the three year old.  I love seeing parents bond individually with kids, something about it just warms my heart.  And Mr. C’s smile when he shoots that puck makes me so happy inside!!  Scroll down to check out the video and the photos from our time together that day!

That snow is MAGICAL, no???

I always send out a survey to my families to help us plan our session together, and one of my questions is about household chores.  I feel like it always initially sounds weird to the parents, but then they’re usually like “actually the kids love folding laundry/setting the table/pretending to vaccuum!”  This family said that shoveling snow was one of their three-year-old’s favourite things to do, and thankfully we were gifted some of the white stuff falling from the sky that day.  The drop in temperature since then, however, I could do without!  Hopefully we will have some warmer weather show up soon.  Until then, stay cozy my friends 🙂  and p.s. if you think a family film is something you need in your life right now, I have three spots left for half price films!  Get in touch with me to chat about the details.





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Pylatuk Family Photos and Mini-Film – January 27, 2019 | Drayton Valley Family Filmmaker

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