Baby J Newborn Documentary Session – June 25, 2016 | Drayton Valley Documentary Photographer

I have to confess that this “client” is one of my favourites (he happens to be my adorable little nephew).  As you can see from the date in the title, he’s currently a little older than he was in these photos, but what’s a year and a half delay between taking photos and blogging them?  Alright, that might be a record for me, and not in a good way, but better late than never.   Speaking of records, this little ginormous guy apparently set one for the longest baby born at the hospital where he arrived; he measured in at just under 2 feet!

When I arrived for this session at my brother and sister-in-law’s place, baby J was enjoying a feeding while his daddy was busy preparing a very colourful lunch for the rest of us.  One of my favourite things about my brother marrying a Chinese woman is the amazing dishes she cooks (and that she has in turn taught him how to cook) — I can vouch that these veggies turned into a delicious lunch.  I also love learning all the intriguing cultural differences between China and Canada.  These differences have become even more apparent since baby J came along, and it’s so interesting gaining some insight into how things work outside my little “Canada bubble”.

Our session on this particular day was super chill; we spent a couple hours together just enjoying some visiting, eating great food, and documenting mister J’s bath time.  His daddy cooked and his mommy snuggled and fed him; I’d call that a win in my books.

On a personal note, I found it so cool to observe my little brother and his wife tackling the daily challenges of a first baby.  I say little — because he’s younger than I am — but in truth he towers over me everyone in terms of height (obviously he passed this height on to baby J).  As an older sister who often took care of this little brother growing up, it was definitely a new experience to watch him take care of someone else.  I appreciate them allowing me to be there for a small part of their parenthood journey.  If you feel like sharing a part of your own journey with me, I’d love to help you capture those first few weeks with your little one — get in touch with me today and we’ll make it happen.



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Baby J Newborn Documentary Session – June 25, 2016 | Drayton Valley Documentary Photographer

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