B Family Documentary Session – September 17, 2017 | Drayton Valley Family Photographer

I can’t overstate how much I enjoy the company of this family.  They’re such a laid back and relaxed group, and it felt like we were a perfect fit for each other.  We’ve done a few session together now, but my friendship with them started waaaay back before any of us parents had kids.  We were often in the same slo-pitch tournaments or playing each other in league, and have attended multiple weddings together over the years.  I was super excited to help them capture their life at this moment with three young children (I hear that!) and to get a taste of life on the acreage.  It didn’t hurt that mom J mentioned the session would involve a zip line, horses, and itty bitty kittens.  And I think dad was pretty happy that of the two hours we all spent together, he only had to actually pose for photos for about 37 seconds.  The kids were of course adorable no matter what they were doing, but I especially loved watching them interact with the various animals.  I could learn a thing or two from the girls and how comfortable they are around horses; I’m more of an admirer from afar with those giant animals!  Honestly when it comes to horses, I’m with the little guy in this session; I think the donkeys are more my speed.



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B Family Documentary Session – September 17, 2017 | Drayton Valley Family Photographer

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