Miss L Newborn Documentary Session – Aug 26 2016

If anyone has been wondering why the blog has been extremely quiet over the last 9 or so months, this little peanut is most of the reason why.  Our latest last addition to our growing brood of females (no, we will not be trying again for a boy…we’ve decided we just don’t make them) arrived August 1, 2016.  Then we moved August 10.  Yep.  Packing, moving, unpacking, nursing, pumping, sometimes sleeping…it was a blur of a month to say the least.  I did manage to take some time to snap a few photos of this kiddo with her big sisters; while this session is not as extensive as I would have liked, I did get a few that I consider keepers.  
Yes, there were a few in there of the big girls trying to feed a 3-week old baby some marshmallows.  And the girls are in their pajamas with unbrushed hair (I need to get me some of those “Messy Hair, Don’t Care” t-shirts).  Which is what makes these photos perfect in my eyes; they’re an accurate picture of what real life at home looks like for us most days.  This stage of life can seem soooo long at the time but in reality is so short.  These girls have already outgrown the jammies in these photos, and it was just a few months ago.  A documentary session like this helps you remember the blur, and I would love to help you plan one for yourself.



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Miss L Newborn Documentary Session – Aug 26 2016

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