H Family Maternity Session aka My First Documentary Session – Feb 9 2016

It’s sharing time!  As you may have guessed from the title, this was the first actual documentary photo session that I had the opportunity to shoot.  This family specifically requested this style of session.  I totally believe this was fate, as I was a few months away from going on maternity leave, and I had been pondering the idea of leaning more towards a documentary style after coming back from said maternity leave.  These clients may not know it, but they were an important influence on my decision to do just that.  I was thrilled to discover that I wasn’t the only one in the universe who loved this style of photography.  I remember chatting with them and discussing the idea that the purpose of photos should be more than just WHAT people LOOKED like at the time…photos should also show WHAT people WERE like at the time.  Their personalities, interests, and relationships (because these things do change, and often quicker than you think).

I love that we captured life as a very pregnant mama of two young children, from wrestling on mom and dad’s bed, to reading stories in their favourite rocking chair.  Little things like playing with Lego on the living room floor and being brave enough to sit on a giant horse like your big sister…these are the moments that I love helping clients remember for years to come.

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Whenever I get the chance to photograph horses I’m always terrified/super-excited.  I’m not that comfortable around them; I didn’t grow up with horses, and always find their power a little intimidating.  I’m in a constant state of awe around them.  They possess incredible brute strength, yet they seem to lend a sense of beauty and calm to sessions.  Assuming I’m not photographing a rodeo, that is!

Next up: a session from my own life.  I’m finally getting around to blogging photos of the first few days of life with Baby L, our third little girl.  I’m only about 9 months or so late sharing these…but I’m discovering that’s about par for the course with the third kid!



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H Family Maternity Session aka My First Documentary Session – Feb 9 2016

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